Caution!!! There are alternative facts in your textbooks

Have you ever taken a high school health class where they warned you against the best stress relievers in life? You know what things I am referring to: sex, alcohol, and weed. Do you remember them stressing the importance of leaving all three of those things alone? They used their best scare tactics and one sided statistics to … More Caution!!! There are alternative facts in your textbooks

Off the Clock

There is nothing like the feeling of getting off of work or out of school. To many adult women, there is nothing like that moment when you get to take of the oppressive piece of cloth known as a bra. For stoners, all of the above are beautiful parts of the day; but there is … More Off the Clock

Roll Up and Unwind

Miracle- Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment FLOAT- FTSE No Diggity- Chet Faker Smoke Again- Chance the Rapper I am So Very Lonely- Chance the Rapper Love Lockdown- Glass Animals Superpower- Beyoncé and Frank Ocean In Too Deep- DVSN Hallucinations- DVSN November 18th- Drake Feels Like- Etta Bond Killing Me Softly With His Song- The … More Roll Up and Unwind


This playlist is the first of many to come and is by no means as average as the title of the playlist. Some of the songs on this list are classics and great songs every stoner should know. This playlist is titled Mids because it is just the beginner. It is not bad, like Reggie, … More Mids