Off the Clock

There is nothing like the feeling of getting off of work or out of school. To many adult women, there is nothing like that moment when you get to take of the oppressive piece of cloth known as a bra. For stoners, all of the above are beautiful parts of the day; but there is nothing like coming home or getting in your car and rolling a joint, blunt or packing a bong.

You deserve it. You have had a rough day of listening to customers and employers complain about nothing. Your coworkers are all bitches for no good reason. To top it all off, your paycheck rarely reflects how much you had to suffer to get it. It is just another form of societal oppression.

Even better than that, you were in class all day long. Half of your professors just lecture you and the ones that expect a response are teaching an impossible subject to master the way they expect you master it. Or you have a lot of STEM classes and your professor seems to be more fluent in every other language than the one you speak. The best part, especially if you go to school in the United States, is that you’re paying an arm, leg, and half of your soul to be there. Student loans are already setting up camp at your door. Every day becoming a stripper just looks like the best option. But you don’t have time for that because you have to study, keep a full schedule of extracurricular activities and maintain the resume of a forty year old professional. The solution?  Call up one of the best tutors in the world, Mary Jane, and embrace your higher education.

If you can, I highly recommend taking a nice, hot and long shower after you do. Make sure you have a waterproof speaker to play today’s stoner playlist which was created for this moment.  Then take your time drying off, air dry if you please. Feed your munchies. Doctor’s orders!!!!




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