This playlist is the first of many to come and is by no means as average as the title of the playlist. Some of the songs on this list are classics and great songs every stoner should know. This playlist is titled Mids because it is just the beginner. It is not bad, like Reggie, but it is not great. It is just the beginning. Enjoy!!!!


Mary Jane- rick James

Smoke break- Chance the Rapper

I love Weed- Dizzy Wright

Just Blazin’- Wiz Khalifa Kush&OJ

Because I Got High- Afroman

Marijuana- Kid Cudi

ONIFC- Wiz Khalifa

Ganja Dub- Sukh Knight

Too High- Lil’ Dicky

I Got Five on it- Luniz

Back in the Days- Eykah Badu

Doobie Ashtray- Devin the Dude

Who Says- John Mayer

That Tree- Kid Cudi

Just What I Am- Kid Cudi

Rollin’ Up- Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y

Hyerrr-Kid Cudi

B.a.r.- Wiz Khalifa

Blaze It- Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony

Mary Jane- No Name Gypsy

High for Hours- J. Cole


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