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Blow it away.

Blow away.

Marijuana, medicine for the soul and society.
Countdown to the New Year


Roll up, get to baking, pack a bowl and educate yourself. Know your local and federal laws so you do not get caught up as one of the wrong statistics. Check out the Fire Mixtapes that Millenial Interests has put together for your flight. Explore the recipes and make your kitchen smell like freshly baked cookies to give you the munchies and the perfect meal to satisfy them. Make your flashcards from the THC for Dummies so you do not get screwed end up disappointed. Study hard. Remember, Millenial Interests is a huge supporter of higher education.


Paper Planes

There are other rolling options for those that do not care for tobacco. Papers. Paper planes. White Boys. Sheets. Joints. J's. To teach you how to roll a paper Wiz Khalifa put together this little DIY instructional video. Enjoy. How to Roll a Perfect Joint (Starring Wiz Khalifa)
#420 Blaze It